6 Factors To Consider While Buying a High End Mobile Device

The phone market is wide with lots of options for your consideration and each one offering something different from the next. It can be a daunting task choosing the best mobile device, especially when going for high end mobile devices that have very unique features to make your user experience pleasant and enjoyable. Even though you can trust in the performance and quality of high end devices, there are factors you really cannot forget to consider when purchasing so you are able to select the best for you.

1. Operating system

Android from Google and IOS for Apple devices seem to be the most popular operating systems for the high end market. They both have their pros and cons and you must consider them when making a purchase. Android takes the biggest share in sales and is a more customizable platform giving users smooth experience. IOS on the other hand is more sophisticated and polished both in feel and look as well as performance. Weigh your options and select the one you find best.

2. Screen quality and size

The size of the screen is a matter of personal preference, but most high end mobile phones have larger screens to offer enjoyable video streaming and gaming. Apart from choosing a screen size that gives you an easy time carrying the smartphone, quality should play a huge role too. High end smartphones with high resolution screens and screens that do not break easy are best.

3. Hardware configuration

The intended use of the smartphone should guide you into the best hardware specifications. Some phones are better in editing documents, watching videos, browsing, emailing or listening to music. High end phones have better configurations to meet different requirements, but it still helps to think through the specifications before making a choice. Think about processor reliability and RAM and how it affects how you get to enjoy your mobile device.

4. Memory

The amount of storage or memory is what will make your high end phone great. It is one thing to buy a phone with good hardware specifications but quite another when it does not have enough memory as needed. Choose a device that has enough internal memory and offer memory expansion probabilities using SD card so that all your needs are met.

5. Security features

You are getting a high end device so its safety should matter to you. Apart from having a body design that offer secure grip, a mobile device that is water resistant can prove to be even more beneficial. Most high end phones have GPS features that can make it easy for you to track it when lost.

6. Warranty

The last thing you want is to get an expensive phone that lasts a few days before it starts giving you software or hardware problems. Always consider a warranty offered by the manufacturer on your specific device so you can get a device that is reliable in quality and one that will have you covered in case the unexpected happens.

The 5 Things You Want to Look for When Finding a Smartphone

You’re about to find out the top 5 things that everyone wants in their new smartphones and is it really worth it?

1. The first thing that people die for when they are looking for a new phone is whether or not their phone will be able to play all their new games or not. You need a die hard processor and graphics chipset. These are one of the most important things that you are going to need in a phone and probably the best shot of making your phone “faster” than everyone else’s. Nowadays the Octa-Core processing unit is probably what you should opt for if you have enough cash in your pocket. The Quad-Core is great as well, other than the fact of extreme power consumption as compared to the Octa-Core unit.

2. The second thing that will alter whether you want the phone you’re currently looking at or another – is simply how much RAM it has? Random Access Memory is the part of your phone that controls the amount of multitasking that you can do at a single time. Have you ever wondered how all the programs that you’re running are all “on” at the same time? Well the answer is that they are being stored on the RAM while they are run. If you don’t have enough RAM on your phone; that can definitely blow the top off of it when it comes down to performance. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who just uses one program at a time on your smartphone; then the amount of RAM you have won’t make such a difference against you.

3. Now here comes the one part of your phone that cannot be questioned; every other part of your phone can taken be down to its own predecessors sometimes due to power consumption or even heating issues. Although your display and the PPI density that it provides you with cannot be questioned. Yes, larger screens do come as a disregard to some people who’d prefer smaller screens – yes. Although the resolution and “type” of your screen make a massive difference simply when it comes to how amazing the RGB effects jump off the surface of your screen and it really is amazing.

4. Here comes number four; this is definitely a deemed factor when it comes to smartphone usage but again only to a handful of people out there. That is how good your camera is, some photographers would think twice before taking their Digital SLR out with them if they have a great camera; this goes to show how great the smartphone cameras have become. Moreover, some people would probably not even take a look at the camera specs when they are displayed in front of them for one reason; they don’t care!

5. Then there was one; the body of your phone is the last major factor that you would want to look for in your next smartphone, and it may be the game changer for you in the long run. Some smartphones are considered fingerprint magnets due to their glass exterior, while some phone are made of metallic alloys such as aluminum or titanium to give them an elegant look while also being sturdy enough for a fall. The glass back is known to crack quite easily from even a small dive onto concrete floor while other materials would probably only take up a scratch.

I hope you got what you were looking for here and wish you the best of luck for finding a smartphone that’s best for you. It’s not easy to decide between all these factors as having all the best components in your phone will cost you a fortune. If you don’t have a fortune, you will have to decide between a few of these as your most desired factors in your new smartphone.

Apple iPhone Price

If there is any one phone which came and instantly became a sensation it is undoubtedly the iPhone from Apple Inc. A product of the world’s most trusted and innovative brand Apple, the iPhone really took the markets by stride and never looked back since its launch in 2007. Apple’s iPhone reached the zenith of success in the shortest time period in spite of belonging to the high price band has been a proof enough that if the product is right and innovative then mere price hurdles can’t be an obstacle in attaining instant success.

Apple’s most distinctive product quality has always been great user experience and simplicity in design and that’s what makes it so remarkably different. At a time when the market was congested with fast selling brands like Nokia, Sony, Motorola, etc. the iPhone came with the most innovative concept of touchscreen technology which was user friendly and easily accessible. Although, touchscreen has been in use for past many decades but its use was limited to specific technologies but, iPhone managed to provide the widest platform to this touchscreen technology by making the phone completely touchscreen enabled. The simple and innovative design devoid of too many buttons and distractions iPhone became an instant hit and star in the eyes of the users and the craze became so high that people started queuing stores before the launch of new versions and the same has been maintained for the nine generations of iPhone’s released till date. Simple slate design, interactive interface, own operating system, high speed, great camera, exclusive and the biggest IOS app store are some of the features which have always made iPhone’s stand apart from the crowd and maintain their exclusivity.

Apple will be launching its new iPhone 7 and its variant 7s this year and the hype around the phone and its technology has already started building. People as always are curious about the new techniques that will be used in this installment of iPhone and the particular features that will adorn it.

The iPhone’s have always managed to provide faster speeds even with low ram due to their integrated circuits and advanced technology and with iPhone 7 and 7s the trend is expected to continue. With high resolution 12 MP primary and 5 MP secondary camera this phone will be a delight for the selfi lovers. Siri, the intelligent personal assistant, one of the most innovative and distinguishing attractions of iPhones is expected to be more advanced with natural language command and dictation and hence interacting with the phone is going to be much simpler than ever.